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Todd Snyder, DDS, FAACD

  • UCLA School of Dentistry
  • F.A.C.E. institute Graduate
  • Accredited Fellow of the American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry (77th dentist ever to achieve this)
  • Prior Faculty at U.C.L.A. in the Center for Esthetic Dentistry
  • Faculty at Esthetic Professionals
  • International lecturer and author
  • Consultant for dental manufacturing companies
  • Authored numerous articles worldwide on contemporary restorative and cosmetic dentistry
  • Member of the Catapult Elite Group
  • Cosmetic Dentist Laguna Niguel, Orange County, California
As a cosmetic dentist, author, international lecturer, researcher and instructor at various teaching facilities Dr Snyder offers a lot on many levels to not only his patients but also his colleagues around the world.

Todd Snyder, DDS, FAACD

Dr. Snyder is an Accredited Fellow of the prestigious American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry, less than .01% of US dentists have achieved this status.
Accredited Fellow AACD

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Dr Snyder Co-Authored the #1 Best Seller on Amazon, "A Cup Of Coffee With 10 Of The Top Cosmetic Dentists In The United States"

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Dr Todd Snyder is an Accredited Cosmetic Dentist with the American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry and practices in Laguna Niguel, CA, Orange County.
Dr Todd Snyder Author

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