Porcelain veneers are one of the best ways to change or enhance the appearance of a smile. Teeth can be altered by adding hand crafted pieces of porcelain or ceramic typically to the front of a tooth to change the color and translucency. Furthermore, the shape, size, position and rotation of a tooth can all be modified to give a tooth and a smile an entirely different appearance. Like anything custom made, skill, craftsmanship and quality come into play. Our goal is to take the least amount of tooth structure off necessary to provide us the space in which to place the new veneers and create a beautiful smile. Dr Snyder invented some of the techniques to create veneers which can save a lot of tooth structure compared to most techniques still used by many dentists. Every porcelain veneer case is uniquely different and custom fabricated to each patients desires. No two cases are the same, therefore the cost of each case is different because they require different materials and technique.