Restorative Dental Materials are continuing to evolve with many benefits to the long term health of the tooth.  Bonding agents like Clearfil SE Protect from Kuraray that can enhance long term bond strength by having true ionic bonding with hydroxyapatite and they offer some resistance to matrixmetaloproteins due to their MDPB monomer technology.  Modern Glass Ionomer filling materials have also evolved in more recent years they continue to get stronger so as to be placed as bulkfil stand alone restorative materials.  They can also enhance the durability and acid resistance of dentin due to the exchange of materials within superficial dentin to make the tooth structure more resistant to cavity formation.  New self curing, bulk filling restorative materials that adhere to tooth structure that are very much the same as glass ionomers but also offer the durability of resin chemistry and ion release for biocompatability has been seen in Pulpdent's Activa product line.  There are many more companies coming out with amazing new restorative materials such as these to help our patients have better longevity in their fillings.