The first place people will likely go to find a dentist is either word of mouth from friends or a Google Search.  Performing a Google Search for a dentist typically is going to use a series of keywords such as "Dentist" or "Dentist Laguna Niguel" or "Cosmetic Dentist Orange County" and occasionally be more specific for an item like "Porcelain Veneers, Cosmetic Dentist Orange County".  A properly fabricated and coded website is the most important marketing tool have and it needs to be 100% Google compliant and mobile friendly.  Dentists need to create their own content and photographs that highlight their cases and office compared to stock photos often provided by web developers, and websites need to be modified on a monthly basis.  Content that should be updated regularly are blog posts, social media updates, and interesting content that is not specific to the office but can be shared across the internet and social media. A business website is what allow Google and other "Local Profiles" to provide rankings.  The websites that are pushed to the top rankings are based on frequency and type of activity, online reviews, links, profile changes, videos, photos, and MOST Importantly "Relevant Content".  The more people that view relevant content and stay on a specific page of a website (or share the information on that page) the more searchable a page becomes which moves it up the search engine rankings.  So providing short, but relevant content for people to want to read and share is what moves a website up the page in a web search.